Enrolment Procedures

Enrolment needs to take place before your child starts school. Enrolment forms for school are available from the school office or online together with information about the school. Where possible it is important to meet with the Principal prior to your child starting school to discuss issues relating to the individual needs of your child.

At the time of enrolment you must bring:

  • A birth certificate for those children born in New Zealand or a passport with proof of residency, student visa and parent work permit for those born outside of New Zealand;
  • The child’s Health Book with Vaccination certificate to assist with completing necessary health forms; and
  • Documentation regarding parenting order arrangements for the child where both parents do not live together

For enrolments of students who have previously attended a school, it is helpful to have the most recent school report about current learning levels. Once the child has been admitted to our school, we will contact the previous school for official progress records.

On the child’s first day families must report to the school office to notify the school of their arrival and complete enrolment formalities.