Pre Entry Programme

The Pre-entry, or ‘Springboard’ programme, run by Matamata Primary School is a series of eight sessions scheduled for Monday afternoons from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. ‘Springboard’ offers a wide variety of activities and experiences for children that enrich development and lay the groundwork for a head start at school. During the same session timeframe, parents meet with Senior Management to learn about various aspects of primary education and discuss how to prepare your child well for school. This approach of working in partnership together as parent-school-child team gives the child the support needed to begin their school life confidently.

The fee is $25 for all eight sessions and is payable upon registration through the School Office. Registration forms are available from Matamata Primary School Office. Once enrolled you will then be allocated a start and finish date and given details about the staff involved and location for the programme. Please check in at the Matamata Primary School Office before each session with your child.