Getting Involved

Board of Trustees

The overall governance of the school is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. This is a community elected body of parents and staff, whose responsibilities are the management of the school finances, grounds and facilities and the general welfare of pupils and staff.

Community Help

The assistance of parents, caregivers and grandparents is welcomed and greatly appreciated. In the past, parents have been involved in a wide variety of helpful activities including resource making, first aid room duty, lunch orders, transporting children on trips, road patrol supervision fundraising projects and support in the classroom. This tradition is valued and encouraged.

Each year we ask for parent help to assist within the school, and we hope you will give this request serious consideration. We feel the help provided enhances children’s learning and promotes a co-operative school environment.

If you are able to help in any area of the school please contact the office.


From time to time, fundraising projects are undertaken to raise additional funds for school. This school aims to ensure that any fundraising is undertaken at a time, which does not conflict with other school events, requiring payment.

With all fundraising activities, students and parents are invited to be involved but it is accepted that on occasions they may not be able to support a particular project, but will give more generously in another project.

Information Evenings

Each year forum evenings are held for parents. These meetings are to inform parents about some aspect of the curriculum and often take the form of a workshop. Cultural presentations involving the students are held from time to time.

Intermediate School Links

After completing Year 6 at Matamata Primary School children then move to Year 7 and attend an Intermediate School. Locally we have Matamata Intermediate, although some of our students go to St Peters or Bethlehem College.

Matamata Primary School acknowledges the importance of opportunities for children and their parents to establish links and positive relationships with the new school during this transition period.

An open day is organised by Matamata Intermediate to enable prospective students and their parents to see the school operating. Prior to enrolment, information and time for any questions about the school will be made available.


A school newsletter is sent home on the Thursday of every school week with the eldest or only child in each family. This is an important link in keeping you informed about school events, educational news, and community notices. Please take time to read it carefully.

Special notices and information may be sent home from time to time about special events or class trips. The Board of Trustees and PTA group send home a special newsletter each, once per term.

Open Days

Each year you will be invited into the classrooms to observe the school in action. On these occasions the wide range of learning opportunities and subsequent outcomes can be viewed. Parents and friends are welcomed to visit the school and join in with many of the activities.

Pre-entry Orientation Programme

Children may start school on their fifth birthday. Prior to their fifth birthday new entrants and their parents are invited to attend our Springboard programme. This pre-entry programme is recommended for all New Entrants. It provides an opportunity to meet the teacher and class eight weeks before starting school, assisting to develop a sense of belonging. Family members can see the school in action and meet with staff to discuss our school philosophy and programmes

Parent-Teacher Association

The effective functioning of the school is fostered by the combined efforts of parents, teachers and students. Activities in the school are supported by our PTA group, which acts as an important link between school and the community.

Our PTA organises fundraising for special projects, parent education programmes, and community social events, in addition to supporting the school in as many ways as possible.

Those actively involved in the PTA not only gain satisfaction from assisting the school but also benefit from the opportunity to develop new skills, make new friends and have fun with other members of the community. PTA meetings are held twice a term at school. Everyone is warmly invited and encouraged to attend.


During the year student’s individual portraits, class and group photographs, will be taken by professional photographers. You will be given the opportunity to purchase these should you wish.

Responsibilities of Parents

Matamata Primary School acknowledges the importance of a partnership between parents and teachers that will best benefit each child. As part of this shared responsibility the school requests that parents send their children well prepared for school each day. This preparation includes children having a positive attitude, enough food for the day and dressed appropriately for the changing weather during the day.

School Website Parent Portal

There is a wealth of information on our school website and certain pages such as the calendar of events have details about school events. Parents are also given an access code to the Parent Portal to access school sensitive information.

Student Progress Reports

We strongly believe that a partnership between home and school will assist in achieving the best results for each child. In keeping with this philosophy, parents are welcome in school at any time. If you wish to address a particular issue it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure that the issue is properly discussed.

The school has four formal methods of reporting to parents.

  1. Within the first few weeks of the year at the first PTA meeting the school expectations and an overview of the year’s planned programme is outlined.
  2. An partnership interview during February. Parents and teachers exchange information about the individual needs and strengths.
  3. Midway through the year a Collaborative Learning Conferences are held between the teacher, child and parents to discuss progress and achievement.
  4. At the end of Term Four a comprehensive written report will be sent home.

Te Roopu Manaaki Whanau

This group of parents meet once a term to celebrate Te Reo Maori and support our tamariki in their learning. Opportunities are provided to discuss issues relating specifically to the aspirations of our Maori families.