Learning Programmes


A range of information about each student is collected to assist in the planning of programmes to meet specific need of each individual. This process continues throughout the year in order to monitor student progress and to cater for the learning needs of each student.


Matamata Primary School is committed to providing quality child centred programmes that both challenge and support students. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced education that caters for the individual academic, social, cultural and physical needs of each child.

In support of this goal, programmes are based on the seven essential learning areas specified by the New Zealand Curriculum and include the essential skills to be developed by all students. In addition to these core programmes Matamata Primary School offers a range of other classes to support and extend students such as:

  • Target programmes designed for children with:
    • English as a second language
    • Special needs
    • Special abilities
  • Reading Recovery programmes
  • Literacy support programmes
  • Numeracy support programmes

Digital Classes

Upon enrolment, all students undertake training in safe practices when using digital resources, including computers, videos, cameras and the Internet. Caregivers are to sign an agreement as part of the cybersafety protocols and publication of images.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

This programme is available to support non-English speaking background students irrespective of whether they are immigrants or were born in New Zealand. The school employs a trained E.S.O.L. tutor to provide tuition. These students come from a wide range of language backgrounds (Cantonese, Mandarin, Croatian, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Sri Lankan, Samoan, Tongan and Argentinian).

Enrichment Classes

Several programmes are offered during the year to extend and enrich the many talented students’ expertise in specific subject areas. Currently we provide specialist teachers in Art, Mathematics and Literacy.

External Exams

Each year all Year 4 to Year 6 students are offered an opportunity to sit the University of New South Wales ICAS external exams in English, Maths, Science, Spelling and Writing. Costs and enrolment for the papers are notified in Term One each year.

Extra Programme Events

We pride ourselves in being involved in a range of opportunities that are offered to schools for children to participate in. This includes Music Festivals, Art Exhibitions, Speech Contests, Sport Competitions, and International Exams.


Matamata Primary operates a pre-school programme specifically designed to prepare four year olds for entry into school.


Regular homework is provided to all pupils during the week. The aim of homework is to provide further opportunities to consolidate skills and understandings already introduced in classroom programmes, and establish a disciplined approach to studying in their own time.

We encourage parents to take an active interest in monitoring that their child takes responsibility for completing their homework. Parents are requested not to do their child’s homework for them but ensure that routines within the home allow for regular time of approximately 20 to 40 minutes a day of uninterrupted, quiet time is provided for children to do their homework.

Kapa Haka

This is offered as an optional activity during class time. Learning experiences include waiata, waiata ringa, poi, haka and titi torea, Students learn something new each week and build their confidence as they work towards school powhiri opportunities and community performances.

Outdoor Education

In order to enrich and extend our classroom programmes many resources in our environment and a variety of resource personnel are utilised. During the school year each teaching team plans a variety of trips to educational facilities within the wider Waikato area that complement the planned learning programme.

Our school also has a fully resourced Outdoor Education Centre at the base of the Kaimai Range. This is utilised as a day trip classroom and for education in the outdoor programmes.

All children participate in an Outdoor Education Week each year. This provides an enriched learning opportunity and enjoyable experience in an outdoor environment. Year 5 and 6 students attend a two night/three day camp while Year 3 and 4 students stay overnight at school.

Parental participation is often requested to accompany students, provide extra supervision and often support with transport.

Parent Tuition Reading Scheme

Parents who participate in this programme are trained to provide extra guidance and support for those students who need additional assistance to remedy some of the difficulties they have with their reading. The parents are guided by, and work in close liaison with the teachers who set the programme.

Performing Arts Option

Classes are available for Art, Dance, Choir, Instrumental Music (guitar, ukulele, saxophone, violin, flute) and various Cultural Groups during the lunch break times and after school.


Every year students audition for a role School Production, which is now recognised as one of the highlights of the school year.  This annual event presents an original and unique theatre performance showcasing the wonderful talents of our children on stage, and teachers and parents behind the scenes. 


Children progress through Matamata Primary with other children in the same age peer group with birthdays between 1 May of one year to 30 April of the next year. We develop individualised programmes that meet each students need within each class. Should there be exceptional circumstances, however, where a student is performing on the extremities of their peer group learning level, the parents will be notified to discuss options.

Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery programme is designed to help children who, at six years of age, have not acquired the reading and writing skills we would expect them to have after one year at school.

Each child works with the teacher on a one-to-one basis for thirty minutes per day. Parents of children selected to participate in the Reading Recovery programme are informed and invited to meet the teacher who is trained in this programme.

Religious Instruction

Children who have permission to participate in Bible In Schools will be involved in lessons from 8.15am-8.45am every Thursday from the non-denominational Christian programme ‘Christian Religious Education’ (CRE). Each child will receive a free student workbook that will form part of the activity during the lesson. Sessions are taken by police vetted volunteers who have undertaken training in the delivery of the programme. This is organised through the Ministers’ fraternity.

Please complete the Bible In Schools Consent form to indicate whether your child will or will not attend the class.

School and Team Assemblies

Assemblies are held on a regular basis. During assemblies student’s efforts and achievements are acknowledged and positively reinforced. Important notices, talent items and the weekly focus are also part of assemblies. The whole school assembly is on Friday mornings 9am-9.45am. Parents are invited to attend all of these assemblies.

During December, a formal end of Year Prizegiving Ceremony is held to acknowledge academic, sporting and cultural effort and success of Year 6 students.

Special Education Support

The school provides teacher aide support for those students with special teaching and learning needs, which cannot be adequately covered by the normal classroom programmes.

Each student in this programme has an individual education plan, which is supported by the school, the parents, and the Special Education Service. Priority is given to students with physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, and students with serious learning difficulties, which can only be met with the assistance of one-to-one tuition.

Sports and Physical Education

All pupils are expected to take part in the sport and physical education programme, unless exempted for medical reasons.

All Year 3 to Year 6 students participate in school Sport and selected students participate in Interschool Sport. It is essential children are suitably dressed in the correct sports uniform, particularly when representing the school.

Parents are encouraged to give support or accompany students during school and interschool sports days.


We provide an extensive swimming programme to assist with teaching swimming skills. During the swimming season all children are expected to swim on the day assigned to their class. Please ensure all clothing is named including togs, towel and swimming bag. .If the student is unable to participate a written medical note is required to be forwarded to the class teacher.

Tuition after School

During each school term there are opportunities for students to participate in after school activities. These include sport, cultural, computer and art and craft pursuits. The provision of after school activities is determined by the availability of suitable tutors and learning spaces.